Posts made in July, 2016

Focus on Offsite: An interview with Smartroof’s Peter Nordon


Political pressures to construct affordable quality housing have prompted moves towards prefabrication. With the UK requiring 250,000 new homes to be built each year to meet demand and just 141,000 built last year, offsite construction offers a clear solution. We spoke to Peter Nordon, Managing Director at Smartroof, to find out what the Smartroof system can offer to builders. What is Smartroof? Smartroof is a panelised roofing system aimed at national and large regional house builders. It’s an ideal solution for volume building and those house builders who use similar house types and build in multiples. What are the key benefits to the house builder? The key benefits to the house builder are that we can give them certainty on cost and because we build in a...

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