Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

The ultimate aim is Energy efficient affordable housing

& Smartroof has the solutions to meet current & future building regulations


Smartroof is designed, manufactured and delivered from our factory in Swadlincote, South Derby, using timber only from sustainable managed forests in compliance with our PEFC accreditation. The low impat manufacturing method produces factory insulated panels to a variety of specifications depending on customer requirements

‘Rethinking Roof Construction’

We pride ourselves on developing solutions that address real construction problems, improve site safety and offer programme and cost savings, we continually reinvest in Research and Development, and welcome a challenge!

U Values

Smartroof can offer U Value solutions from current Building Regulation levels right down to 0.09 w/m2K, with a full range of solutions between. As building regulations advance, it is as simple as specifying the U Value that you want the Smartroof to perform to, please refer to our ‘U Value Guide’ located in our Product information menu or contact us for further details

Psi Values

Junctions between elements of the building fabric often require special detailing so as not to compromise the overall SAP calculation, Smartroof panels interlock to offer inherently easy to construct and thermally efficient junction details, please refer to our ‘Psi Value Guide’ in our Product information or contact us for further details