What is unique about Smartroof?

Smartroof’s unique feature is its patented gable to gable spanning panels. These eliminate the requirement for traditional steel beams or purlins up to a 6000mm span, and Smartroof’s prefabricated party and external wall spandrels replace the need for both internal and external blockwork walls. Smartroof’s design creates a 100% usable space and greater flexibility for roof light & dormer positioning.

Are there any design limitations for the use of Smartroof?

The system is limited to a maximum 50 degree roof pitch and a maximum single panel span of 5900mm over supports. House widths greater than 6000mm are designed with either an intermediate spandrel panel support or large spanning box girder or glulam beam with eaves to ridge Smartroof panels.

Is Smartroof approved?

Yes, Smartroof products are recognised by both the national house builders and local authority building control.

What U values can be achieved?

The current standard panel achieves 0.20 U value, although solutions are available that achieve values as low as 0.09 U Value.

Is Smartroof environmentally friendly?

Yes, the timber used in the manufacture of Smartroof’s products is sourced only from sustainable managed forests. Smartroof is certified with PEFC- chain of custody CPEFC ST 2002:2010. The chain of custody certification is a mechanism for tracing certified material from the forest to the final product to ensure that the wood in the products can be traced back to a certified forest or Mill.

What is a standard Smartroof panel constructed with?

As standard the panel consists of a structural timber joists, lined on the underside with a polythene vapour barrier and Oriented Strand Board (OSB 3). Internally the panel is filled with 200mm insulation quilt. The top of the panel is closed with a reflective breathable membrane with 50mm counter battens to the top of the panel providing a void for the air flow.

Can you make apertures through the Smartroof panel for services?

Yes, up to 6” (150mm), ensuring the timber frame members are not cut. All proposed apertures should be approved by a Smartroof designer.

Is there an internal ceiling?

Smartroof creates a completely open roof space to the ridge. The design allows for any ceiling option including a fully vaulted ceiling, mid height ceiling or the traditional low ceiling. The ceiling is a non-structural element to the Smartroof system (there is no requirement to insulate this ceiling).

Who manufactures Smartroof’s products?

Smartroof’s products are manufactured in house at two manufacturing facilities. Headquarters are at Swadlincote in South Derbyshire and the second production facility is in Cwmbran, Wales. The kits are manufactured on a just in time principal in a controlled factory environment. The quality assured product is QMS ISO 9001:2008 certified.

What lead in time is required for delivery?

It is typically a 6 week lead time.

What Health & Safety is associated with the delivery?

All Smartroof roof panels and spandrel panels are fitted during the manufacturing and loading process with fully tested lifting slings. The lifting slings are sufficiently sized to secure the load to the trailer bed. The carpenters can then connect the crane chains to the load from the safety of the ground therefore, leaving no reason for the operative to climb onto the delivery vehicle.

How quick is an installation?

A single detached to a block of 5 units can be craned into position in one day.

Who can install Smartroof?

The installation is under taken by Smartroof’s highly trained and experienced in house team of registered installer’s. Alternatively training can be provided to a third party to become a registered external installer.

What is the size of an installation team and do they have any special qualifications?

The team would normally consist of 3 carpenters. The installation teams comprise of a fully qualified Crane Appointed Person, Crane Supervisors and Slinger/Signaller. All operatives are CPCS certified with an equivalent CITB NVQ diploma.

Who provides the crane?

As Smartroof products can only be installed using a Crane, Smartroof provide a “contract lift”. This unique service ensures that every part of the lifting process, site inspection, planning, crane selection, and assessment of ground conditions, overhead obstructions and the final execution of the lift are delivered to the highest levels of health and safety, with full liability residing with Smartroof. Every installation is detailed lift plan is provided.

What external and internal scaffolding is required?

All installations require standard external perimeter scaffolding with the top lift of scaffolding being 600mm below the wall plate. To safely install the roof a two tier table lift of scaffold, it must be provided to both gable ends. There is no requirement for an internal fall arrest, soft landing system, netting, TRAD deck or birdcage scaffold.

What is typically included in Smartroof’s “Classic” roof package?

Smartroof provide customers with everything needed to fully install the roof above the wall plate, therefore providing the main contractor with a turnkey solution.

  • Smartroof Roof Panels
  • External Spandrels and Holding Down Straps
  • Party Wall Spandrel, Compriband and Holding Down Straps
  • Cavity Fire Sock
  • Internal Ceiling Joists and Hangers
  • Apex Ridge Frames
  • Loose Breather Paper for Ridge and Party Wall
  • Loose Insulation for Ridge & Eaves
  • Gable Ladders (If Required)
  • IG Elements GRP Dormers with Lead
  • Keylite Roof Windows
  • IG Elements GRP Chimney (if required)
  • UPVC Fascia, Soffit and Barge
  • Framing Anchors and Fixings

What is typically excluded from a Smartroof package?

The items typically excluded from Smartroof’s roofing packages are wall plates, wall plate holding down straps and timber frame brick ties.

What is required prior to an installation?

The following must be adhered to prior to installation:

  • The block and brick work superstructure must be constructed to the correct datum.
  • The brick and block work mortar must be cured (48 hrs).
  • Wall plate must be bedded and strapped to the front and rear elevation only
  • Main lift of scaffold constructed
  • Two tier table lifts constructed to both gable ends
  • Stairwell crash deck in place

Are there changes to works for follow on trades?

There are no changes for the follow-on trades post roof installation. The roof tiler will felt, tile lathes and tile the roof in the same manor. The brick layer installs the gable brick work in the same manor; the only difference is tying the brickwork back to the timber frame spandrel. The plasterer can still fix the plasterboard to the timber frame studs and joists.

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