The Most Qualified Installation Team in the Roof Panel Industry

The Most Qualified Installation Team in the Roof Panel Industry

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Health and safety is a main priority when working from heights, particularly when installing a room-in-roof system. To support this, Smartroof has carried out a programme of investment with their installation team, enabling Smartroof to provide a ‘contract lift’, which places full accountability for the lifting process with Smartroof.


As well as ensuring a high standard of Health and Safety, this enables our clients to benefit from a range of services such as, site visits to plan the lifting operation, a full lift design with crane selection and an assessment of ground conditions and all documentation including a method statement and risk assessment.

The lift parameters are fully compliant with current regulations and standards (BS7121 for mobile cranes). This unique service ensures that every part of the planning and execution of the lift is delivered to the highest levels of Health and Safety, with full lift liability residing with Smartroof.

To provide this service Smartroof has highly trained and experienced installation teams made up of an Appointed Person (AP), Crane Supervisor and a Slinger Banksman/Signaller. The management of each lift is carried out by an ‘Appointed Person’ (AP) who has training, practical as well as theoretical knowledge and experience to plan a safe system of work and lifting operations. The AP also directs the Crane Supervisor who controls the lifting operation and ensures that the lifting process is carried out in accordance with the Appointed Person’s safe system of work. The final key job role in the installation team is the Slinger Banksman/Signaller who safely slings loads and gives clear signals to direct the actions of the crane when hoisting a load.

Smartroof operatives (listed below) hold a CPCS qualification for their roles and recently they have complimented their certification by successfully achieving the CITB NVQ Diploma status.

  • Nigel Pugh –Appointed Person, Crane Supervisor and Slinger/Signaller
  • James Bland-Crane Supervisor and Slinger/Signaller
  • Craig Stokes –Slinger/signaller
  • Mark Wood- Crane Supervisor and Slinger/signaller
  • Steve Farrell-Slinger/Signaller
  • Luke Carter –Slinger/Signaller